Copperleaf Special Meeting

The Special Meeting of Copperleaf shareholders is scheduled to approve a proposed plan of arrangement (the "Arrangement") to be acquired by IFS AB. Copperleaf shareholders will receive cash payment of $12.00 per Common Share.

A Special Meeting of shareholders will be held at 9:00 AM (Pacific Time) on August 2, 2024, in a virtual-only format via live webcast.

Your vote is important no matter how many shares you hold. The Board of Directors of Copperleaf recommends that shareholders vote IN FAVOUR of the Arrangement.


Vote Your Shares by 9:00 AM (Pacific Time) July 31, 2024.
Shareholders using a broker may have an earlier cut-off time and are urged to vote their shares immediately.


Contact Copperleaf's Proxy Solicitation Agent at:

Laurel Hill Advisory Group
Toll Free: 1-877-452-7184 (416-304-0211 outside North America)